A Beginner’s Guide to Montel’s Wellness Lifestyle

When most people think of Montel’s lifestyle, they think of his wellness habits. From exercising regularly to preparing healthy meals, Montel has always openly shared how important wellness is to him. 

However, for some people, starting a wellness routine seems nearly impossible. How can someone who leads a busy, constantly-changing life find time for a wellness routine? 

Keep reading for our three tips on how even the busiest wellness beginner can build a satisfying routine:

Energize in the Morning

What is your morning routine like? For many people, it involves rolling out of bed 10 minutes late, haphazardly taking a quick shower before gulping down a cup of coffee and running out of the house to face the day. 

If this is your reality, don’t be too hard on yourself: you’re certainly not alone. However, finding 5-10 minutes during which to focus on personal wellness in the morning can help improve the rest of your day. 

During these quick moments of self-care, find ways to be kind to yourself. This could mean stretching, meditating or eating a healthy breakfast. 

Another way to improve your morning routine is to find natural replacements for chemical additives. Consider taking Montel by Select’s ALERT CBD gel capsules in the morning for a quick boost instead of opting for an energy drink. It’s just one more way to be kind to yourself and begin building a sustainable wellness routine.

Unwind at Night

After a long day, it can sometimes be difficult to let the stresses of the day go. While some people can fall asleep quickly without issue, others find that they need more time to unwind before going to bed. 

However, there are small changes you can make to your nighttime routine to help make falling asleep easier. Try to stay away from screens at least one hour before bed, lower the temperature in your bedroom and dim the lights. All of these tactics have been proven to help restless sleepers calm down.

Another way you can improve your nighttime routine is to avoid over-the-counter synthetic sleeping aids, some of which can be habit-forming. Instead, opt for a more natural option like Montel by Select’s RELAX CBD gel capsules. This product can help ensure that you get the restful sleep you need, but aren’t sacrificing your health to make it happen.

Stay Consistent

The most important thing you can do when establishing a wellness routine is to stay consistent. Wellness routines can be helpful for a few days, but when committed to for weeks or months at a time, they can vastly improve your quality of life. 

Remember that taking CBD is similar to taking a multivitamin. Although no negative effects occur when you skip a few doses, it is important to take them continually to reap all the wellness benefits. 

Experts say that it takes 1-2 months to make a habit. Remember that your wellness routine is a habit worth committing to! 

Even if you’re leading a busy life and are new to the world of wellness, keep in mind that building a routine doesn’t have to be a difficult change. Whether it’s taking time to energize in the morning, unwinding naturally at night or committing to a routine, everyone has the power to change their lives for the better by focusing on wellness. 

That’s the Montel lifestyle. Are you in?  






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