Interview with Montel Williams

Montel Williams

Joining the wave of canna-celebs entering the industry with a product line, long-time medical marijuana patient and activist Montel Williams has launched his new brand, LenitivLabs, that will provide patients with innovative delivery systems. Williams, who suffers from MS, can’t roll joints or fill a bowl, so he needs properly dosaged edibles and carefully-calibrated cannabis oils to inhale via vape pens—and he wants pure and properly prepared medicinal cannabis products to become more widely available. The hotly-anticipated rollout will begin this month at Bay Area dispensaries. Williams, who lives in New York, met with Freedom Leaf at his offices in Manhattan’s Herald Square.

I never thought about how hard it could be for MS patients to roll a joint.

I can barely button my buttons. This is one of those things that MS does to people. You think I’m going to roll a joint? By the time I’m done it’s going to be all over the table. Or if I open something and want to put it into a bowl, I can spill half of it all over the table. I want convenience for the patient like me that
has difficulty.

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