Montel Williams Evolves from Cannabis Advocate to Entrepreneur

Montel Williams, a long-time medical cannabis advocate who has used it to help manage his Multiple Sclerosis since 2000, has created a company that is  trying to address a common criticism of the industry: Medical cannabis isn’t exactly medical. Lenitiv Scientific, which has created products under the LenitivLabs brand, aims to create products that are free of contaminants and created under standardized processes that are formulated with patients in mind.

For now, Lenitiv’s products  include CO2 extracted oils formulated for vaping or for ingestion and a rather novel drink that doesn’t require refrigeration. Both the oils and the drink come in three different THC/CBD combinations:  95/5, 50/50 and 10/90. Going forward, the company intends to offer other SKUs, including edibles, flower and vaping products.

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