100% Hemp-Derived CBD Gel Capsules – now available online.


Each bottle contains 30 gel capsules with 50mg of CBD each.

Alert and Relax

Montel by Select CBD Capsules are unique and revolutionary formulations combining the holistic effects of CBD and plant-based terpenes. Available in two options, Alert is designed to take in the morning, while Relax is designed to consume at night.



Cannabis-Derived THC Oil

The Montel by Select line includes six THC oil products, featuring different THC:CBD ratios, that are formulated with pure cannabis oil and cannabis-derived terpenes, and are available in glass vials for dabbing and CCELL cartridges for vaping. Our THC:CBD oils are available in 1:9, 1:1 and 19:1 ratios.


Available at OR dispensaries

Dabbables and Vape in 1:9, 1:1, 19:1 Ratios

Available at CA dispensaries

Dabbables and Vape in 1:1, 19:1 Ratios