Vaping – What’s the Hype?

Right now, in the pockets and purses of people all over the country, there’s a new trend in cannabis consumption: vaping.

Created less than 20 years ago, vapes (officially called “vaporizers”) have now officially swept the nation. Instead of using fire to burn cannabis (the “combustible” method), we’re now using warmed oils to enjoy our products.

So, what are the advantages of vaping over traditional smoking?

Let’s learn more.

More Economical          

When consuming through traditional methods, there is often pressure to finish a larger quantity of product than might be desired.

However, when vaping, it’s easy to consume smaller amounts without worrying about waste. Products like Montel by Select’s THC vape pens and cartridges allow users full flexibility to decide how much to consume. If on one day you want a small amount, while on another day you require larger amounts, it’s possible. That’s the added freedom that vaping can provide.

Lack of Smoke

Unlike combustible consumption, vapes don’t use fire to burn cannabis products. Instead, they warm the oil inside to produce vapor – not smoke. How does this impact you?

Research has shown that this lack of smoke reduces the amount of dirt, tar and assorted carcinogens that enter the lungs when consuming cannabis products. That means that you can feel at ease as you enjoy premium products like Montel by Select’s vape pens and cartridges.

Inhaling vapor instead of smoke also reduces the strong smell often associated with consuming cannabis. If you don’t care for the scent of smoke or cannabis, inhaling the product via vape can be a great option.

Easier Access

One of the most obvious reasons for the popularity of vapes is that they allow users to carry them discretely. Their small size ensures they can be easily transported and used whenever needed.

Vapes also have the unique advantage of being ready-to-use quickly. There are no measurements or accessories involved. Consider Montel by Select’s CCELL vape cartridges. While traditional consumption would require users to pack a cigarette and measure the cannabis, the only preparation involved when using this product is to insert the oil cartridge into the vape. From there, it’s ready to consume quickly and discretely.

While there are a variety of new ways to consume cannabis, it’s clear why vaping has become such a popular consumption method. With a lack of smoke, lower costs and easier access, it’s an easy way to consume cannabis with the maximum flexibility available.

Try Montel by Select’s vape pens and cartridges today for a simpler, more convenient high